5% ABV

Kona Brewing Co.® Wave Rider Variety Case

Kona Variety Case with Big Wave Golden Ale, Longboard Island Lager and Gold Cliff IPA.

4.6% ABV

Kona Brewing Co.® Longboard® Island Lager® Beer

The Beach Where It Began.Longboards have been a constant feature at Waikiki Beach for over 90 years. The great Duke Ka..

4.4% ABV

Kona Brewing Co.® Big Wave® Golden Ale Beer

Catch a Wave! Our brewers wanted to make a beer that went down easy after a day out on the water. Big Wave Golden Ale..

7.2% ABV

Kona Brewing Co. Gold Cliff IPA

Diver’s ParadiseAt the southern tip of Lanai, not far from the island's first pineapple fields, lies a cobalt blue inl..

5.4% ABV

Kona Brewing Co.® Wailua Wheat® Ale

Wailua Wheat is a refreshing gold colored ale that blends with the crisp, slightly sweet citrus flavor of tropical pa..

5.8% ABV

Kona Brewing Co.® Fire Rock® Pale Ale

The Big Island Gets Bigger The southern point of The Big Island of Hawaii is punctuated by two active volcanoes, Mauna..

6% ABV

Kona Brewing Co.® Castaway IPA

The First Island Hoppers Hand-carved, wooden outrigger canoes once carried Hawaiians from island to island, where mass..