Social Club Seltzer Hard Seltzer Cocktail Variety Pack

All of our cocktail-inspired hard seltzers in one place. This 12-count Variety Pack includes four of each top-shelf flavor–Old Fashioned, Sidecar, and Citrus Gimlet.

Social Club Seltzer Sidecar Hard Seltzer Cocktail

Enjoy a night with a Sidecar. A refreshing seltzer with bright orange and lemon citrus notes.

Social Club Seltzer Citrus Gimlet Hard Seltzer Cocktail

Trade up to a Citrus Gimlet. A perfectly balanced seltzer cocktail with bright citrus notes and a hint of juniper flavor.

Social Club Seltzer Old Fashioned Hard Seltzer Cocktail

Start your night with a new twist on the classic Old Fashioned. A refreshing take on a classic whiskey cocktail with blood orange flavor and a hint of smoky oak aroma.